Climbing Out making a real difference

We’ve been collaborating with Climbing Out for some time now and here is some of the incredible feedback they are getting from your attendees:

“Climbing Out has helped me find my purpose in life. Before coming here I was lost and drawing in my own head: now I feel free and inspired to push myself and develop”

“Something important I learnt was that you can have a good time, or even a great time, even if there’s a bunch of not so good going on too. I found the activity side of things very hard but surprisingly despite that I was still having a really great time.” Siobhan

“Thank you for giving me an opportunity to feel free and able to speak to people without fear of judgement” Wendy

“I feel so much more confident leaving here now, rebuilt into a bit more of the person I was before cancer” Kerri

“This programme is one unique journey that can offer more in a week than some other services can do over a longer time” 

“I just want to say thank you for this week. It has had such a positive impact on Megan…she hasn’t shut up! It is so lovely to see her spark back. A long way to go but thank you, thank you, thank you. You are without doubt a true inspiration.” Megan’s Mum

“Connecting with others in this environment is one of a kind and that connection is key in helping to give us hope”

“Climbing Out has given us time to heal and learn how to live, not just survive… confidence has grown and I’ve learned strategies to cope. Previously life was bleak and now it’s shining bright!” Kirsty 

“This experience has ignited my will to live, it might be a small spark, but I know working more with Climbing Out will help me brighten it. Without that spark I’d still be stuck in a dark room, now I have a glimpse of light and I can start attempting to clear out the room. Although slightly annoying as it was at times, the coaches pushing me both physically and mentally has created more progress in these few days than I’ve had in years” Megan 

“I have spent a long time focusing my life around my illness and this experience has allowed me to realise I’m more than that” Siobhan

“I feel genuinely hopeful for the future for the first time since my traumatic experience…..being pushed out of my comfort zone alongside people that are struggling like me has made me feel like I’m actually living rather than surviving” Aimee