Warwickshire wins honesty and kindness accolade again

Back in November we told you the story about Stacey Mccrickard from Leamington Spa who found a lost £20 note in her local shop and donated it to charity when it wasn’t claimed.

Would you believe that lightening has struck twice and we’ve received a second donation through very similar circumstances from the very same town?

Anne Lewis from Warwick was in Leamington Spa before Christmas and found a £10 note lying by the kerb near a bus stop. Worried that someone might feel the pinch, especially just before Christmas Ann walked across town and handed her find in at the Police Station.

Happy that she’d done a good deed for the day, Ann was also delighted that her walk from one side of town to the other to reach the Police Station resulted in a nice little boost to her step count for the day!
When the money wasn’t claimed, the Police contacted Ann who asked for the money to be donated to The Blue Lamp Foundation.

For both Ann and Stacey, their first thoughts were of the person who’d lost the money and doing their best to get it back to them. When the money wasn’t returned to its rightful owner, the ladies showed they were not only honest but also very kind by donating their finds to our charity to help injured emergency services personnel.

Thank you both again for your kindness and Warwickshire certainly deserves its honesty and kindness accolade from us today!